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Call you closer to my arms
You’ll feel better when you’re warm

Loss isn’t an absence after all. It is a presence. A strong presence right next to me. I look at it. It doesn’t look like anything, that’s what is so strange. It just fits in.

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 Don’t let it consume you. You are filled with emptiness because you poured every fiber of your energy and self into him. You gave him a part of yourself you never intended to give and when you did and was given it back, that part was no longer the same. It was used and taken for granted. Get your head up. It hurts right now but if it was meant to be, time will mend itself. You want to believe in the best of people but if they don’t even believe in the best of themselves, you shouldn’t feel like a failure. It’s not your fault. Although it may feel like it is, problems are one sided. You work through them together and when one person gives up, then at least you know you tried and if someone needs time to grow, you respect their wishes. I know you have on the surface but truly make yourself see it. You are a good person and so is he. You both need to find the good in yourselves and once you’ve done that, then a future in finding the good in each other can be a possibility. For now, continue to be the person you’ve always been or even try to be a better you. You were never full of hate, only sadness and un-appreciation as well as being taken for granted. It hurts now but hate was never in your thoughts. Do not plant it there if it does cross your thoughts. You care for him and you still do but it’s not the right time for that. Hold unto hope because life is a beautiful struggle.